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Women and Insurance

Whether or not they hold down a paying job, women often contribute to the economic well-being of their family in many other ways — from taking care of the household to acting as the primary care giver for children and aging parents. It is estimated that women control $14 trillion in U.S. wealth. A 2011 LIMRA survey found that while younger women are as likely as their male counterparts to have coverage, women ages 55 and older are still much less likely than men the same age to own life insurance. And women of all ages have smaller average amounts of  coverage than men in the same age bracket. In addition, women with high personal incomes are less likely to have life insurance than men at the same income level. These days, women are more proactively seeking out the resources and information to help them make important financial decisions. Here you will find resources to help you address the unique challenges that women face in retirement. Nationwide Financial Microsite: Women & Investing Lincoln Financial: Women and Long-Term Care – How to recognize and plan for their unique needs. Prudential: Expand Your Business by Engaging the Women’s...

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