About Us


We are strategic business partners with successful financial advisors. The ASA Group will help you identify and solve the financial concerns of your most valued clients. We have something that other BGA’s don’t…

What we bring to the table for our partners

  • Simplified and streamlined onboarding
  • INSTANT access to the top insurance carriers in the industry.
  • Dedicated carrier contracting and state appointment services
  • 24/7 access to pre-sale support & dedicated point of sale department standing by to help you with Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability, Long Term Care, and Critical Illness.
  • Personalized case design & illustrations. Plus access to advanced planning attorneys.
  • Underwriting for clients with medical impairments. We will shop your hardest case and find the solution.
  • Senior Underwriting Consultant, FALU, FLMI
  • Post-issue marketing opportunities
  • Jumbo retention for your large estate planning case.
  • Full service case management and inforce policy holder services
  • ASAXpress Drop Ticket Platform: quote, underwrite, and apply for insurance in less than 2 minutes online!
  • Online access to a library of sales concepts and product information along with the most recent industry updates.


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