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Advisor Tool Kit

Consumer-Facing Term Life Quoting and Application Submission Tool for Advisors

With Vive, your clients can easily quote their own term life insurance policies and submit applications, without the need for you to do it for them.

The quoting tool even includes your profile image, contact information, and firm logo, and can be easily shared with clients via email, your website, or a simple text message.

To learn more and register for a free account, head over to our Vive Client Portal Guide Page. 

Download: 2024 Tax Guide PDF

Below are some of the tax information you’ll be able to compare side-by-side to see how your clients’ taxes may be impacted in 2024


   Income & Payroll Tax Rates
   Corporate Tax Rate
   AMT & RMD
   Qualified Retirement Plans
   Social Security Benefits
   Capital Gains And Dividends
   Estate & Gift Tax
   And More
2023 Tax Guide
Download: 2024 Tax Guide

Available Now!  Annuity Rate Watch

Annuity Rate Watch provides access to a wide range of annuity products, including Lifetime Income Rider Quoting, MYGAs, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities, and SPIAs from the largest insurance carriers in the nation. Their rate and product information is sourced directly from the insurance carriers, ensuring accuracy and reliability. With our tools and resources, you can easily compare annuity options and select the best one for your clients.

Linked Benefit Comparison grid
Download MYGA Annuity Rates

Download: MYGA Rates (Updated Weekly)

Below are some of the features you’ll be able to compare to better understand which product may help your client reach their planning goals. 

   AM Best & Comdex
   Guarantee Period
   Maximum Issue Ages 
   Effective Compound Yield
   Minimum Premium Requirements
   Withdrawal Option

  Writing life insurance should not be difficult

With the right Brokerage General Agency as your partner, you’ll be able to:

Grow your business

Obtain the best underwriting offers

Find opportunities in your book of business

Know you presented the best solution to your client

Spend less time processing apps

Your clients will have the most competitive option

Obtain the best underwriting offers, spend less time processing apps, and grow your business.

When you work with The ASA Group, we make life easier. 

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Download: Linked Benefit Comparison Grid

Linked Benefit Comparison grid
Download LB Comparison Grid

Download: LTC & CI Rider Comparison Grid

Linked Benefit Comparison grid
Download LTC Rider Comparison Grid