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Policy Review Services

As part of our ongoing commitment to our advisors, The ASA Group provides life insurance review service to help ensure your clients’ policies are being monitored and serviced in a timely manner. Having ASA review your clients life insurance policy could increase their death benefit, lower premiums, extend coverage duration, increase projected cash accumulation and ensure the financial strength of the carrier.

Why do a policy review?

Here are ten common reasons your clients may need to update their policy:

1.    Marriage
2.    Divorce
3.    New baby
4.    Children have left home
5.    Purchase of a new home
6.    Sale of old home
7.    Need to change beneficiary
8.    Starting a new business
9.    Recently began caring for elderly parents
10.  Change in health (i.e. quit smoking or lost weight).

How to begin a policy review

In order to begin a life insurance review, our team will need the following documents:
1. A copy of your most recent annual statement
2. A completed authorization

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