Vive has combined several groundbreaking features that change everything!

  • It is now possible to quote, compare, and submit a term insurance order in just 5 minutes.
  • If you need quick numbers, you can run a term quote in 1 minute OR we can do it for you!
  • You’ll have access to real-time case status updates.
  • The Vive Score helps you to determine consumer value apart from the price, right on the quote screen. Contained within the Vive Score is the ability to see how a carrier is performing financially, what the strength is of the potential conversion options down the road, what the provisions are for late premium payments, and finally how the carrier rates in terms of the underwriting process. We don’t get a chance to have this information readily available within other systems.
  • You’ll get accelerated underwriting decisions for your healthier clients in days instead of weeks – no exams, no blood, and no medical records required; giving your clients a better experience.


Vive partnered intentionally with Legal & General, Principal, Protective, Prudential and PacLife because they share the following characteristics.

  • They are competitive in terms of price, product offerings and commissions;
  • They offer excellent underwriting, including the ability to use AU on a significant number of cases;
  • These carriers were willing do what is necessary to fulfill orders quickly;
  • Agents can be guaranteed they will have top 3 industry pricing over 96% of the time.


Term Insurance can be very labor intensive. Additionally, because rates have consistently gone down over the last 20 years, it is very inexpensive – and that has driven down commissions. In order to turn a profit in term insurance, you need to either increase policy sizes or decrease work load. You can increase policy size by actively using a fact finder/needs analysis. You can reduce work load by unloading some of your work onto other parties or by choosing underwriting that is less labor intensive. Drop ticket accomplishes both.