Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame Seeking Nominations for 2018 Class Until June 15, 2018

The Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame was created to recognize leaders of the Arkansas insurance industry. Our goals are to remind the public of the important role the insurance industry plays in securing the well-being of both individuals and businesses, to encourage young Arkansans to consider careers in the insurance industry, and to inspire the next generation of leadership to reach these high levels of accomplishment.

The success of the Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame is dependent upon the willingness of industry stakeholders to nominate candidates for this recognition. You likely know of worthy candidates, which can include active, retired, or deceased individuals. Please consider nominating a candidate for induction into the 2018 class of the Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame.
Nominations are being accepted until June 15, 2018.

Nominate a Candidate

Selection criteria include the following:

  • Nominees should have achieved success in some functional area of insurance and financial services;
  • Nominees should exemplify innovation, social responsibility, leadership, and professional excellence;
  • Nominees should have made broad, encompassing and lasting contributions to advance the role of insurance in society; and have significantly impacted the lives of many Arkansans;
  • Nominees should have strong ties to the State of Arkansas; and
  • Nominees should demonstrate a strong value system and a firm commitment of service to the community and state.

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