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Best 4 Year Rate on the Market – Period!

4 Year MYGA Rate Increase – 3% Guaranteed – 10% Liquidity from A-Carrier Minimum premium: $20,000 Max issue age: 80 Penalty free liquidity: Systemic interest all years and 10% penalty free beginning year 2 Wavers of surrender: Terminal illness, home health care, and nursing home PRE-APPOINTMENT REQUIRED TO SOLICIT Call David Smith for details and let’s get you...

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“A” Rated Carrier Breaks New Ground

Many older clients looking for ways to transfer wealth have been shut out of the market once they pass age 90.  Now we have two different options for you and them to consider (minimum premium $15,000): A 5 year indexed annuity with a cap rate of 5% for premium of $100,000 or more.  This is a nice potential solve for elderly clients holding old VAs looking for protection of gains for their heirs, the elimination of high fees and of course higher potential rates than MYGAs or CDs. A 5 year MYGA paying 2.90% interest for premium of $100,000 or more. These products may only be used if the purpose is for “Wealth Transfer” or “Estate Planning.”  Clients holding assets subject to probate and those looking to maximize the value of their estate without risk or principal loss are the natural fits here. Now you no longer have to say, “No, I can’t help you,” to your 91-93 year old clients looking for answers as to how to transfer their assets more efficiently! Call David Smith for details and state...

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String of Rate Increases Continues

Short term options for your clients keep improving.  One of our premier A+ rated carriers has increased rates for 3 year funds and they are now the strongest option for the premium of $100,000 and higher.  The biggest boost was to the ROP rate at 2.30%. For your clients who are looking for both safety and liquidity amongst the turbulence while capturing a highly competitive interest rate, call or email David Smith for...

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