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Tax & Legal

NEW 2019 Tax and Planning Guide, courtesy of Nationwide 2017 Retirement Planning Guide ASA 101J Advisor Kit Business Continuation: A Brief Comparison of Business Entities Federal Estate Tax Calculations John Hancock State by State Guide to Taxes & Creditor Protection John Hancock: Valuation of Life Insurance Policies Non-Citizen Resident Helpful Videos AIG Presents: Tax Diversification of Retirement Assets Mutual of Omaha Presents: Taxation of Life Insurance Mutual of Omaha Presents: Structuring of Life...

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Life Settlements

  Additional Content Coming Soon! Life Settlement Pre-Qualification Form Life Insurance Settlement Association About Life Settlements Life Settlement Checklist Why It Takes a Good Broker to Get a Great Deal When a Client Sells a Life Insurance Policy 2016 Life Settlement Case Example Laws Pertaining to Life Settlements 7 Common Situations That Could Result in a Life Settlement...

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Executive Bonus Plan

An Executive Bonus Plan (Section 162 Plan), is an arrangement in which an employer pays premiums for a life insurance policy owned by key employees. It is a simple, selective employee benefit plan that can provide valuable life insurance protection and supplemental retirement income to business owners and key employees. An Executive Bonus Plan enables business owners to provide benefits in addition to qualified plan to attract and retain employees while enabling the business to recoup plan costs when benefits are paid. And since plans are selective and non-qualified, business owners can select which employees participate. With a “restricted” bonus plan, the employee’s access to policy cash values can be subject to a vesting schedule, making it an effective way to retain key employees. Policy premiums are income tax-deductible by the employer and taxable income to the employee This income tax can be paid by: The employee from personal funds The employer through a “double bonus” arrangement Withdrawals or loans from the policy cash values Target Market This planning concept is ideal for: Business owners looking to reward and encourage loyalty with their top employees, so they don’t leave and go to a competitor Business owners looking to reduce current taxable income and save more money for retirement   See also: Funding an Executive Bonus Plan with Life Insurance Additional Links PDF: Executive Bonus Plan Guide PDF: Executive Bonus Advisor...

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