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Are You Selling Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

According to LIMRA’s 2017 Year-End Sales Survey, nearly a quarter of all life policies sold during the fourth quarter of 2017 were IUL. Consumers are increasingly drawn to IUL because they are concerned about outliving their retirement savings, and IUL has more potential to build cash value than many other fixed UL products. Below are resources you can share with your customers to help them begin thinking about the ways IUL may help protect their loved ones from loss and supplement their other financial plans. Contact The ASA Group Sales Team for support on a current case today! AIG, GUL/IUL Combo Sale AIG, IUL vs GUL Sales Idea AIG, How About More for Less? AIG, Income for Life Sales Idea AIG, Tax Diversification Sales Idea + Tax Diversification Video Lincoln, Exec Bonus Plan Case Study Lincoln, Strengthen Your Retirement Plan Protective IUL 101  + IUL 101 video Protective, Cash Value Life Insurance Video Mutual of Omaha, Minimizing Retirement Risks with IUL Email: Phone: (501)...

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The Power of 10 10 10

The Power of 10 10 10 Making the living benefits sale easy One policy can help with life insurance,  chronic illness coverage and retirement income! Permanent life insurance, guaranteed to age 100, with a chronic illness benefit where you can: Pay premium for 10 years; Wait for 10 years; and Get your money back over 10 years as a supplemental retirement benefit. View the Brainshark Additional Materials The 10-10-10 Plan! Accelerated Access Solution Lifestyle Income Solution Secure Lifetime GUL...

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