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Protective Guaranteed IUL

Maximize cash value accumulation and get death benefit coverage PLUS Chronic Illness protection with Protective Indexed Choice  UL. Universal life insurance is a great option for clients seeking death benefit protection with growth potential. But some clients might want to explore more than a standard UL policy can offer. Protective Indexed Choice UL can offer this, with stronger growth and protection than a fixed UL policy, even when illustrated at a 0% interest rate....

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AIG Asset Protector

With its emphasis on long term guarantees, as well as cash value accumulation potential, AIG’s Value+Protector IUL separates itself from the common IULs found on the market currently. It offers a guaranteed index interest floor of 0.0%, in addition to a 0.75% guaranteed bonus starting in years 6+. Clients can further protect against financial risks in retirement by choosing to add the optional LIS (Lifestyle Income Solution) riders, which provides the opportunity to withdrawal the death benefit as cash (once certain parameters are...

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Assurity LifeScape Simplified Whole Life

Why Choose LifeScape Simplified Whole Life? LifeScape Simplified Whole Life can provide more options at less premium. Assurity’s Simplified Life is priced and underwritten to place your client in the right product – whether it be Level, Graded or Modified. • Higher face amount – up to $50,000 of coverage with “level” plan • More issue ages – coverage issued below age 50 • E-App – one of only a few carriers providing electronic application • Timely processing – guaranteed four-day service with the “Assurity Advantage” • Impaired risk options – two options with higher benefits than most competitors • Competitive compensation – unlike some competitors, Assurity pays a...

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Multiple Lives, One Policy

Compare your options… Sometimes clients are unsure whether or not they need protection and may want to cover their spouse instead. New joint life products can protect your client and his/her spouse or family members while using the same funds to do so. New products are on the market today  that can cover multiple people under one policy. These products offer ultimate flexibility; allowing your clients access to a shared pool of long-term care benefits stemming from one premium payment. Additionally, the second-to-die whole life structure creates a larger pool of shared benefits than clients would otherwise have access to under a single life policy. And for your single clients, the policy can be structured for two family members instead, assuming they don’t have an age gap of more than 25 years. Your clients may also benefit from reduced cost of insurance and flexibility in underwriting. To learn more about these types of products contact our marketing team today!

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